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Missouri man gets 30 years for exposing sex partners to HIV

Missouri man gets 30 years for exposing sex partners to HIV
David Lee Magnum
David Lee Magnum

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. –— A Missouri man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV.

David Lee Mangum, 39, of Dexter, was sentenced Tuesday, the Poplar Bluff Daily American Republic reported. He pleaded guilty on June 2 to two counts of exposing another person to HIV. Court documents say Mangum exposed the person without their knowledge or consent in April 2013.

Mangum originally was charged after a male sexual partner tested positive for HIV and alerted police. Mangum initially told authorities he had sexual relations with up to 300 people, with some of the encounters set up through Craigslist ads, often with strangers, including truckers and others passing through Missouri.

He later said the actual number of partners was around 12. He said he did not tell any of them that he had HIV. It wasn’t immediately clear if any of Mangum’s other partners have tested positive for HIV.

Judge Michael Pritchett said Mangum learned he was HIV-positive in 2003 and received medical treatment from 2003 to 2009, when he moved to Stoddard County. At that point, treatment stopped. Mangum told the judge he didn’t have transportation for doctor’s visits.

“You made the choice to not get treatment?” Pritchett asked.

“Pretty much,” Mangum replied.

“You realize you placed others at risk,” Pritchett said.

Stoddard County prosecutor Russ Oliver urged a long sentence, saying sex offenders like Mangum are a “high risk” for re-offending once they are released.

Mangum’s attorney, Erica Fox, described him as educated and apologetic.

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