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Leslie Jordan throws coffee at men screaming antigay slurs inside WeHo Starbucks

One of the men accused of yelling antigay remarks soaked in coffee (left), Leslie Jordan (right)
One of the men accused of yelling antigay remarks soaked in coffee (left), Leslie Jordan (right)

Los Angeles, CA — Yesterday morning, three men, ages 18 to 23, entered the Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood and began spewing antigay expletives at customers.

“You will die, f*cking f**gots!” one of the men allegedly announced to the entire store.

Joseph Daniels, who was waiting in line at the time, told WEHOville, “It was very scary and unexpected.”

So he walked over to the men and told them their behavior was “rude.” Then the manager came along and told them to leave.

The thugs refused to leave and proceeded to call everyone in the store “faggots.” And that’s when things got heated. Because unbeknownst to the homophobes, Leslie Jordan happened to be there.

The 4’11 Southern gentleman approached the men, fuming, and told them to “Get out of my house!” before chasing them out the front doors.

Once outside, the men continued screaming antigay epithets. But Jordan wasn’t having any of it.

“The guy lunged at Leslie to hit him,” Daniels said of one of the men. “Then Leslie threw his drink at the guy. Then (another) guy threw his drink to hit me.”

Police were called. They advised Jordan and the other patrons not to file charges against the homophobes, saying that if they did the men could accuse them of assault for throwing coffee at them.

Daniels told WEHOville that the three men stormed away, but continued screaming “faggots” and making obscene gestures.

“He provoked it,” Daniels said of one of the three men. “He spewed hate crime words against everybody and threw a drink at Leslie. Why couldn’t he have been charged with disorderly conduct?”

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