Texas lawmaker wants to ban local LGBT ordinances that protect his gay son

Texas state Rep. Rick Miller (left) and his son, Beau Miller Staff Reports

SUGAR LAND, Texas — A Texas state lawmaker has introduced a bill to prohibit cities from adopting or enforcing non-discrimination ordinances that include protected classes not contained in state law, even though such ordinances protect his gay son from discrimination.

Texas state Rep. Rick Miller (left) and his son, Beau Miller

Texas state Rep. Rick Miller (left) and his son, Beau Miller

The bill aims to invalidate ordinances that bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, reports the Texas Observer.

The measure, from Fort Bend County Republican Rick Miller, would undo LGBT protections passed by several Texas cities, including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston and Plano.

“HB 1556 will prevent local governments from expanding business regulations beyond limitations established in state law,” Miller told the Observer.

“Competing and inconsistent local ordinances interfere with economic liberty and discourage business expansion. By promoting instead of restricting business growth, this bill is about job creation and an improved state economy, both of which have a direct, positive impact on Texas citizens,” he said.

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Miller’s son, Beau Miller, 41, is an openly gay Houston attorney and LGBT rights activist who said he was “extremely disappointed” to learn about his father’s bill.

“While I love my dad very much, I am extremely disappointed by his actions and will do everything I can to prevent that bill, or any such legislation, from becoming law,” Beau Miller wrote in a post on Facebook.

The Texas bill is similar to one that took effect earlier this month in Arkansas.

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