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Georgia school superintendent confirms he’s gay after local media outs him for using Grindr

Georgia school superintendent confirms he’s gay after local media outs him for using Grindr

FORSYTH, Ga. — A Georgia school superintendent has confirmed he is gay after reports surfaced in local media that he had used the gay hook-up app Grindr.

Anthony Pack
Anthony Pack

Anthony Pack, the superintendent of Monroe County Schools in Forsyth, Ga., since 2008, released a statement through his attorney, David Doer, on Thursday, March 19. Doer could not be immediately reached for comment.

In the statement, Doer and Pack accused a local reporter, Will Davis of the Monroe County Reporter, of bullying Pack into coming out.

Pack insists he has violated no Board of Education policies or misused taxpayer money, and insisted the matter is a personal one that was made public to embarrass him and his family.

“In the last four months my wife and I have been separated and quietly seeking an uncontested divorce.” Pack said in the statement. “Regardless of my sexual orientation, the personal life of each member of my family has become a discussion point for many in the form of gossip.”

“I have been forced by a journalist that prefers to report on gossip as opposed to news, and to reveal some facts about myself that I otherwise would hold privately between me, my wife, and my children,” he added.

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Pack is currently under investigation for allegedly misusing school computers to correspond on Grindr or other adult media. Pack denies he has done anything wrong, and is currently on medical leave.

Davis, who is editor and publisher of the Monroe County Reporter, published his story on Pack after receiving an anonymous tip that allegedly shows Pack exchanging sexually explicit photos and texts with another man on Grindr.

The same tipster also sent the info to WMAZ-TV in Macon, which broadcast a story on the allegations.

The Georgia Voice has excerpts of the Monroe County Reporter article here

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