ACLU: Indiana religious freedom law is backlash for marriage equality

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INDIANAPOLIS — The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana says a religious objections bill that Gov. Mike Pence signed is a backlash to same-sex marriage in the state.

aclu-INACLU executive director Jane Henegar put out a statement Thursday after Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Some convention organizers and business leaders have opposed the legislation amid concern it could allow discrimination against gay people.

Henegar says the organization is “deeply disappointed” and said the law will hurt the state’s reputation. She called the measure “harmful” and says it will hurt the state’s “ability to attract the best and brightest to Indiana.”

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The law would prohibit state and local laws that “substantially burden” the ability of people — including businesses and associations — to follow their religious beliefs.

Pence, a Republican, signed the bill on Thursday.

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