Ohio man accused of fatally stabbing gender fluid child

Brian Golec Staff Reports

AKRON, Ohio — An Ohio man is facing murder and domestic violence charges in the stabbing death of his gender fluid child late Friday.

Brian Golec

Brian Golec

Police say Kevin Golec, 53, allegedly knifed 22-year-old artist and drummer Brian Golec after they got into an argument over money. Kevin Golec called 911 after the stabbing and told police that members of a cult attacked and killed his “son.”

He also told a dispatcher that Brian belonged to the cult, reports Cleveland.com.

Police, however, say there was an altercation between the two that led to the stabbing, and that no break-in occurred.

TransOhio, a Columbus-based advocacy group, issued a statement Sunday identifying Brian Golec as “Bri” and as a transgender woman.

But close friends said that although Brian once identified as a woman, and went by the name “Bri,” the victim’s gender identity was fluid, and in the year leading up to the death, identified as Brian.

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“There was a time he identified as ‘Bri’ and as a woman, but for the last year or so, he identified as Brian,” said friend Geoff Ackerman. “But Brian hated labels.”

The victim’s Facebook page also uses the name “Brian.”

Although the victim’s gender identity remains disputed, Akron police say that does not appear to be a factor in the attack.

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