GOP voters in early primary, caucus states say opposition to gay marriage ‘unacceptable’

Jean Dawell of Delhi joined hundred of others along with the group Why Marriage Matters Ohio at a rally for gay marriage in Lytle Park, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 in Cincinnati. Jeff Swinger, Cincinnati Enquirer (AP)

About half of likely Republican primary and caucus voters in key early states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina says that opposition to same-sex marriage is unacceptable in a candidate, according to a new NBC News/Marist College poll.

Washington Post

Washington Post

Fifty-two percent of those likely to vote in New Hampshire and South Carolina said opposing same-sex marriage is either “mostly” or totally” unacceptable. Forty-seven percent of those likely to vote in Iowa said the same.

In fact, according to the poll, voters said a candidate’s opposition to same-sex marriage is the most unacceptable position among seven they were questioned about.

The Washington Post reports that, by comparison, 63 percent of Iowa voters say belief in man-made climate change (and fighting it) is unacceptable, 56 percent of New Hampshire voters say raising taxes on the wealthy is a non-starter, and 52 percent of South Carolina voters say support for comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship is a deal-breaker on one level or another.

A Pew poll conducted in March 2014 showed 39 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners supported supported marriage.

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