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Racism or just preference? ‘You’re really sweet, I’m just not into black guys’

Nelson Moses Lassiter [nmanske]

Nelson Moses Lassiter

Nelson Moses Lassiter

Nelson Moses Lassiter was excited about coming to terms with his sexuality. He imagined that, upon venturing out into the gay scene, he’d encounter a world more accepting than the one he was used to. What he discovered was not unlike the one he came from, though.

He recalls what happened after hitting it off with a guy at a bar:

I was like, “Oh, would you want to grab a drink sometime?” And he’s like, “You’re really, really sweet, you’re really nice, but I don’t date black guys.” And he’s just like, “Well, you know, they’re just not my type.”

And I’m like, “Well, what does that mean? You just don’t like me because I’m black? That’s weird.”

It wasn’t long after that experience that Nelson encountered more racism, this time from a black friend.

This is Nelson’s true LGBTQ story:

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