Iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. features first same-sex engagement ad campaign

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NEW YORK — For the first time, iconic jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a same-sex couple in an engagement advertising campaign — and the two men featured are not professional models, but a real-life New York City couple sitting outside of their real New York apartment.

Tiffany joins an array of businesses that have tacitly expressed support for marriage equality through recent advertising campaigns.

“Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear, and true love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms,” said Linda Buckley, Tiffany & Co. VP of North American PR, in a statement to ELLE.com.

The ad copy reads:

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“Will you promise to never stop completing my sentences or singing off-key, which I’m afraid you do often? And will you let today be the first sentence of one long story that never, ever ends?”

Tiffany & Co. didn’t release the names the couple.

The campaign comes on the heels of a discrimination suit brought against another iconic retailer — Saks Fifth Avenue — by a transgender employee, in which Saks argued that transgender individuals are not protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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