France fines Twitter users for sending tweets advocating anti-gay violence


Three French Twitter users were fined this week for sending tweets that included homophobic hashtags. It’s the first time a French court has handed out convictions for homophobic abuse on Twitter.

TwitterThe Local reports that the convictions date back to offenses committed in 2013 when several anti-gay hashtags appeared on Twitter in France, including “Gays must die because…”, (#Lesgaysdoiventdisparaîtrecar).

The three who were convicted in the Paris court last week posted tweets using the hashtag “let’s burn the gays on…” (#brûlonslesgayssurdu).

The case against the three had been brought by French charity Comité Idaho, which organizes the International Day Against Homophobia in France.

One offender was fined €300 (about $335 USD) while the other two were fined pay €500 (about $558 USD), all significantly less than the maximum penalty of up to a year in prison and a €45,000 fine.

Full report at The Local

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