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Man sentenced to 6 months for shooting couple with BB gun outside gay bar

Man sentenced to 6 months for shooting couple with BB gun outside gay bar
Wayne Steven Odegard
Wayne Steven Odegard

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minnesota man who harassed customers outside a popular Minneapolis gay bar in September, and after yelling gay slurs, pulled out a CO2 powered BB gun and shot at a same-sex couple, has been sentenced to six months in the Hennepin County adult detention center.

The Star-Tribune reports that Wayne Odegard, 44, of Blaine, Minn., was also ordered to undergo chemical dependency and psychological evaluations and to attend anger management class.

If he violates any of the conditions of his probation, he could be sent to prison for a year and a day.

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Odegard pleaded guilty to terroristic threats in October.

In addition, his probation period was raised from three years to five because of the aggravating factor that his crime was based on the sexual orientation of the victims.

 Tyler Erickson, a security guard at the Saloon bar said Odegard was harassing patrons by making disparaging remarks about the gay community. Shortly after his expletives, Odegard fired shots at two men who were holding hands.

The couple was not seriously injured.

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