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Transgender man says police threatened genital search during traffic stop

EAST POINT, Ga. — A transgender man is demanding an apology after being arrested by East Point, Ga., police last week during a traffic stop because they wanted to verify his gender.

Juan Evans tells WSB-TV that he didn’t have his driver’s license with him when he was stopped for speeding, and as a result he was ridiculed, humiliated and repeatedly threatened by officers that they were going to perform a “genital search” on him.

“I was arrested because they said they were taking me in to do a gender search,” Evans said.

Evans says that personal search did not happen, but harassment did. “I was called an ‘it’ I was called a ‘thing’ and I was repeatedly threatened of them doing a gender search on me,” he said.

On Thursday, local LGBT rights advocates rallied in East Point, a city in the southwestern Atlanta suburbs, demanding that police address their culture — a culture they believe is intolerant.

WSB-TV reports:

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