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Minn. sports league delays decision on transgender student athletics

Minn. sports league delays decision on transgender student athletics

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota State High School League on Thursday voted to postpone making a decision on the league’s proposed policy about transgender students who want to play on athletic teams.

WCCO-TV reports that the board wanted the currently written policy to move forward, but also to refine it before it becomes fully implemented. Some board members favored tabling the decision, saying they felt “uncomfortable” enacting the policy as written.

A motion to table the decision until their Dec. 4 meeting was approved, as was a motion to form a committee to further discuss the policy.

Under the proposed policy as currently written, transgender high school students would be able to play on the team applicable to their gender identity if they can show they’ve undergone a medical treatment, like hormone therapy or surgery.

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If approved, the guidelines would apply to all 500 of the league’s member high schools, both public and private.

The action comes just days after Minnesota Child Protection League ran a full-page newspaper ad in the Star-Tribune that claimed the proposed policy will allow boys to shower with girls.

Critics say opponents are perpetuating false stereotypes about transgender people, including the myth that transgender students will prey on fellow students in locker rooms, showers, restrooms, and hotel rooms.

The proposed policy is similar to ones already adopted by several other states, including Nebraska and South Dakota.

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