All-female college adopts new policy to admit transgender students

All-female college adopts new policy to admit transgender students
Mills College, Oakland, Calf.Photo:

OAKLAND, Calif. — Transgender students who identify as female will now be considered for enrollment at Mills College in Oakland.

Mills-CollegeThe announcement makes Mills the first of the country’s 119 single-sex colleges to have an official policy for transgender applicants.

KPIX-TV reports that the policy was unanimously approved by the school’s trustees enrollment committee in May, will go into effect for the first time as students return to class on Aug. 27.

The policy allows for anyone who self-identifies as a woman to apply to the school, including transgender women, and those who “do not fit into the gender binary” but who were assigned the female sex at birth.

The policy excludes those who have already transitioned to male prior to enrollment, but students who transition to male after enrollment may stay enrolled until graduation.

The school’s graduate program is not affected, as it is open to both males and females.

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