Dear Matt Barber: Calling yourself a Christian does not make it so

Dear Matt Barber: Calling yourself a Christian does not make it so

No one has ever claimed that the Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber has ever observed simple rules of good taste and decorum in his attacks on LGBT equality.

birmingham-water-hose-rainbowHowever, it is extremely safe to say that the image at right, accompanying his post “The Coming Christian Revolt,” goes way beyond anything — a rainbow flag superimposed behind a photo of African-American protestors being sprayed with water hoses during the Civil Rights movement.

It’s not only a personal insult to me as an LGBT American, but also an African-American, that Barber would exploit what I consider sacred images in order to make a false point.

There will be no “coming Christian revolt,” Mr. Barber, because no Christian in this country is being discriminated against.

Being told to treat everyone the same is not discrimination. Providing goods and services to people whose taxes pay for the safety of your business is not discrimination.

Your disagreement with the fact that LGBT people should have the same rights as heterosexuals is just that – your disagreement. You have a right to believe that, but you don’t have a right to codify it into law, particularly if your codification involves junk science, cherry-picked science, or out-and-out lies.

You are not entitled to anything, Mr. Barber. If you are, please educate me. And by all means, please tell me how the elimination of your entitlements ranks next to being denied the right to vote, segregation, lynching, being called “boy” or “gal” as a deliberate sign of disrespect.

And if that’s too difficult for you, then answer me this:

Where the hell do you get off exploiting the images and legacy of Americans who suffered for simple freedoms to justify the fact that you don’t want to get off that pedestal of yours; a pedestal which you created based upon your concept of being a Christian.

Peep this, Mr. Barber, and everyone else who thinks like you:

Calling yourself a Christian does not give you special privileges in this country. Calling yourself a Christian does not make you a better American than me. And calling yourself a Christian does not absolve you from rights and responsibilities that all Americans have.

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This is not, nor has it ever been, a “Christian nation,” and the rest of us who don’t practice your beliefs do not exist here for your will and pleasure.

You are nothing but petulant spoiled child who mistakes the circles he runs with, and the access he has, as evidence of his own intellect and God’s love for him, when in fact its a strong possibility that these are evidence of God’s love for the rest of us.

Sometimes giving a petulant child the very thing he wants is the best way to show the world just how much of a vulgar individual he really is.

And right now, Mr. Barber, you aren’t looking pretty.

H/T: Right Wing Watch

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