Not too late for Father’s Day… Hallmark has an eCard for two greatest dads


It’s not too late to find a Father’s Day card for your two dads!

Hallmark has the answer for kids with the two “world’s greatest dads” — a special eCard created by transgender artist Kylie Summer Wu.

The “I’ll Take Two” card depicts a young girl shopping for Father’s Day gifts, selecting two of each item. The clip concludes with both fathers and their daughter sharing a hug.

“The greatest dad in the world,” the eCard reads. “I’ve got two!!”

“I’m so proud to be the artist involved in making the first ever same-sex Hallmark eCard featuring two gay dads. And I’m proud of Hallmark for celebrating people’s differences! It doesn’t matter who’s in it, LOVE makes a family,” said Wu.

The card is available here.

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