Report: 17 gays killed in Peru since 2012, no action being taken

LIMA, Peru — A Peruvian gay rights group says at least 17 gays have been killed in the Andean nation since 2012 because of their sexual orientation.

PeruThe Peruvian Network of Trans, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals Friday says a suspect been arrested in just one of those cases. It says the others are not even being investigated.

The 115-page report released Friday details the case in the northeastern state of Amazonas of 19-year-old Joel Molero, a gay who was asphyxiated and suffered genital mutilation before his body was burned. His killer has not been identified.

Gay rights activists say Peru’s judicial system is generally biased against non-heterosexuals.

Proposed legislation to permit same-sex civil unions and shared benefits for non-heterosexuals have been stymied in Peru’s Congress by lack of support despite U.N. backing.

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