Judge OK’s same-sex couple adoption after court says marriage ban irrelevant

Idaho Statesman
Rene (left) and Drake Simpson LGBTQ Nation

BOISE, Idaho — A judge on Friday approved a Boise woman’s adoption of two sons.

Idaho StatesmanRene (left) and Drake Simpson

Idaho Statesman
Rene (left) and Drake Simpson

Darcy Simpson won an Idaho Supreme Court decision in February that said second-parent adoptions by gay couples are legal despite the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Simpson’s partner, Rene, is the birth mother of one boy and the original adoptive parent of the second.

The couple married in California last year.

The Idaho Stateman reports that the boys told Ada County Magistrate Judge Cathleen MacGregor Irby on Friday that they consented to the adoption by Darcy Simpson.

MacGregor Irby ruled last year that the couple had to be in a union legally recognized in Idaho for Darcy Simpson to adopt, but the Supreme Court said “any person” may adopt – establishing precedent.

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