FRC spokesman links Calif. killing spree to advancement of same-sex marriage

Family Research Council senior fellow Ken Blackwell on Tuesday linked the Isla Vista mass killings to marriage equality laws, which he claimed are destroying the culture.

Ken Blackwell
Ken Blackwell

Speaking with FRC president Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch,” Blackwell blamed the shooting on “the crumbling of the moral foundation of the country” and “the attack on natural marriage and the family.”

“When these fundamental institutions are attacked and destroyed and weakened and abandoned, you get what we are now seeing,” Blackwell said, arguing that people who are “blaming the Second Amendment” are “avoiding talking about what is at the root cause of the problem.”

Blackwell has previously described marriage equality advocates as “opponents of natural marriage.”


FRC’s Blackwell Blames Isla Vista Shooting On Marriage Equality

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