Anti-gay protester doused with ‘slushie’ by finger wielding passerby

The Encounter: Christine Weick (slushie) and Jessica Prince (the slusher). Staff Reports

GRANDVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan woman who spent her Mother’s Day holding an anti-gay sign on a busy intersection got a “slushie” thrown at her by a disgruntled passerby waving her middle finger.

WOOD-TV captured the video of Christine Weick, holding a sign that read, “Thank your mom today for not being gay,” when a woman named Jessica Prince approached Weick and threw the slushie at her.


Later, another man showed up with a sign that read “Fuck her” and “I disagree,” as well as a woman holding a sign that read “I [heart symbol] gays.”

Many drivers showed honked in response to the signs, and some voiced their concerns directly to Weick.

“I’m gay and I have children,” one woman shouted at her from a car window. “I think you’re sick.”

Weick later posted about her experience on Facebook.

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