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Univ. of Kentucky survey asks students if homosexuality is a mental illness

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The University of Kentucky has issued a campus-wide student survey that asks students if they’d rather be gay or straight, whether homosexuality was a sin, and if they believed homosexuality was a mental illness.

Univ-of-KentuckyCampus Reform reports that the survey, distributed by the University Health Services department, was intended to gain “input on health care services for students at the University of Kentucky.”

Students who identified as LGBT early on in the survey were presented with a unique list of statements to agree or disagree with, including “If it were possible, I would choose to be straight.”

Students who claimed to be heterosexual were presented with a different set of statements, including “Homosexuality is a sin,” “Male homosexuality is a perversion,” and “Homosexuality is a mental illness.”

Jay Blanton, a spokesperson for the university, confirmed to Campus Reform that the survey was sent to students by university employees.

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