Milwaukee county board adds gender identity to non-discrimination ordinance

Milwaukee, Wis. Staff Reports

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — The Milwaukee, Wis., county board of supervisors has voted to add gender identity and expression to the county’s anti-discrimination ordinance.

Milwaukee, Wis.

Milwaukee, Wis.

The measure, approved April 24 by a vote of 12-6, will add protections for LGBT citizens in county government and businesses that have contracts with the county.

The change was sought by Fair Wisconsin, a statewide LGBT advocacy group, reports the Wisconsin Gazette.

One Supervisor opposing the measure was Deanna Alexander, who said she was concerned the protections could lead to male pedophiles or sex criminals cross-dressing as a way to get inside women’s public restrooms.

Wisconsin’s statewide non-discrimination law already protects citizens on the basis of sexual orientation.

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