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Poll: Record number of Americans now support legalizing same-sex marriage

Poll: Record number of Americans now support legalizing same-sex marriage
Jim Mone, AP
Jim Mone, AP

WASHINGTON — A record numbers of Americans now support same-sex marriage, and say adoption by gay couples should be legal and see gays and lesbians as good parents, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday.

The poll also found that most oppose the right to refuse service to gays, including on religious grounds. And, by a closer margin, more also accept than reject same-sex marriage as a constitutional right.

The results continue a dramatic transformation of public attitudes on the issue, led by political, legislative and court-ordered developments alike, reported ABC News.

Support for same-sex marriage has advanced from 32 percent in 2004 to a majority for the first time three years ago, and on to 59 percent in this survey, a new high.

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Opposition, at 34 percent, is down by 6 percentage points since last summer and 13 points in less than a year and a half.

Full results and charts here (PDF).

The poll also found that 81 percent of respondents oppose allowing businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians; 65 percent say so even if business owners cite there religious beliefs, referring to controversial religious freedom bills proposed in Arizona and more than a dozen other states.

On adoption and ion and parenting, 61 percent of respondents said gay couples should be allowed to adopt, and 78 percent said gays “can be as good parents as straight people.”


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