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Poll: Iowa voters concede gay marriage has had no negative effect on their lives

Almost five years after the Iowa Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, 78 percent of voters in the state say it’s either had a positive impact or no impact at all on their lives.

IowaAccording to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP), even Republicans – 61 percent – responded that same-sex marriage has had no negative effect on them.

Iowans remain closely divided on the issue, however, with 46 percent of respondents saying same-sex marriage should be legal, and 45 percent saying they still think same-sex marriage should be illegal.

PPP notes that represents a net 8 point increase in support from October of 2011 when only 41 percent of Iowa voters supported same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage became legal in Iowa under a unanimous state Supreme Court decision on April 3, 2009.

In another poll, PPP found that for the first time it its polling, a plurality of Arizona voters support legalizing same-sex marriage.


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