Ind. GOP wants to block federal tax benefits for married same-sex couples

Ind. GOP wants to block federal tax benefits for married same-sex couples

INDIANAPOLIS — A gay-rights coalition says it’s “deeply concerned” about a late-session Indiana proposal not to recognize same-sex marriage for tax purposes.

The state would split from a new Internal Revenue Service policy recognizing same-sex marriage for tax purposes if the measure becomes law.

The proposal was added Monday night and is up for a Tuesday vote in the Senate.

Indiana Equality Action says the last-minute push could pose issues for couples who have a little more than a month to file taxes. The group also opposed a proposed constitutional gay marriage ban that was derailed earlier this session.

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The IRS last year announced all same-sex marriages would be recognized in federal tax returns. The ruling applies regardless of whether the couple lives in an area where their marriage is recognized.

If passed into law, the Indiana bill would prevent same-sex couples from receiving the same tax breaks other couples now receive.

Republican Sen. Brandt Hershman of Buck Creek says tax policy is not the place to debate a social issue.

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