New York

Gay couple attacked at NY subway by man shouting ‘Are you faggots?’

NYPD Staff Reports



NEW YORK — The New York Police Department has issued a sketch of a man accused of an anti-gay hate crime in a Manhattan subway station early Sunday morning.

According to NYPD, the attacker assaulted a gay couple after shouting, “Are you faggots?”

The attack occurred just after J.P. Masterson and his partner Peter Moore celebrated their 10-year anniversary with dinner and a show.

The couple, residents of Clifton, N.J., ignored the man, but the assailant pressed on, officials said. “I hate faggots!” he screamed before punching Masterson three times in the face and knocking him down.

Police said the violent exchange left Masterson with a fractured nose, a broken orbital bone and a deep cut above his eyelid.

Masterson said he was disappointed that no one on the crowded subway platform came to their assistance.

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