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Russia reverses decision to punish school girl for ‘gay propaganda’

Russia reverses decision to punish school girl for ‘gay propaganda’

BRYANSK, Russia — A Russian Juvenile Commission in the city of Bryansk has reversed its decision to discipline a 14-year-old schoolgirl accused of engaging in “propaganda” of non-traditional sexual relations.

Russia-flagThe 9th grade student had been accused of publicly admitting her homosexual identity in front of her school mates. According to a source, the decision was reversed due to negative publicity in the international press.

The commission had determined last month that the girl’s actions constituted a juvenile offense worthy of an official “warning” and placed her on the commission’s watch list.

While the “anti-gay” propaganda law could not be applied against the minor, the commission’s findings built upon the logic of the federal law banning the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations.

The commission did not find the girl guilty of violating any law, and although it declined to initiate legal proceedings against her, authorities said she would have to satisfy probation-like terms of the punishment.

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