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Poll: Most Kentuckians still oppose same-sex marriage, yet gap narrows

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Nearly a decade after 74 percent of Kentuckians voted for a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriages and civil unions, a new poll finds than margin narrowing.

According to a WHAS-TV/Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll, now only 55 percent of Kentuckians oppose legalizing same-sex marriage.

Driving the gaining acceptance of gay and lesbian marriage in Kentucky are young people. Those between 18 and 34 are the only age category where a plurality of respondents (47 percent) favor legalizing same sex marriage.

Martin Cothran, a senior policy analyst at the Family Foundation of Kentucky and an opponent of same-sex marriage, said it “only makes sense that opinions would change” because marriage equality supporters “have control of basically every cultural institution, government, academia and the media.”

WHAS-TV reports:

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