Utah man goes on hunger strike to demand end to same-sex marriages

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SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah man is on a hunger strike, vowing to go without any food until the state stops allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Trestin Meacham, 35, said that by fasting he hopes to convince Utah to exercise the option of “nullification” regarding a recent federal court ruling to allow same-sex marriage in Utah, reports KTVX-TV.

According to Meacham’s interpretation of states’ rights, Utah can nullify the ruling by simply choosing not to follow it.

But attorney Greg Skordas told KTVX that it’s just not that easy to nullify a federal court ruling.

“When individual personal liberties are at stake the state can’t infringe on that, even if it’s the will of the people,” said Skordas.

Meacham said he has been fasting for more than 12 days, that he is surviving solely on water and an occasional vitamin, and has since lost 25 pounds.

KTVX-TV reports:

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