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Same-sex marriage ban poised for second vote in Ind. House

Same-sex marriage ban poised for second vote in Ind. House

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana House is poised to take up an altered proposal that would ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution, while leaving the door open for civil unions and employee benefits for same-sex couples.

Indiana-same-sex-marriageA bipartisan group of lawmakers narrowly approved altering the proposed constitutional ban Monday evening to remove language that would ban recognition of anything “similar” to marriage for same-sex couples.

That section of the amendment had become a sticking point for many legislators who otherwise support the ban.

But supporters of the proposed ban have sought to keep the measure intact in order to place the measure before voters this November.

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If the altered amendment clears the House and eventually the Senate, it could restart the clock on the legislative process. Under the amendment process, the same measure must be approved in two consecutive sessions and then by voters, so the proposed ban could be pushed back from making the ballot until 2016 instead of 2014.

However, much could change betwe en now and the end of this session, which is scheduled to wrap up in mid-March.

Activists gathered outside the chamber cheered loudly Monday after the 52-43 vote to remove the sentence from House Joint Resolution 3.

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