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GOP committee member blames ‘LGBT Gestapo’ for Duck Dynasty controversy

A former Michigan lawmaker and current member of the Republican National Committee, who last week said that gays want free healthcare because they are dying of AIDS, is weighing in on the “Duck Dynasty” controversy, blaming the “LGBT Gestapo speech police” for the suspension of the family’s patriarch from the popular A&E reality show.

Phil Robertson was suspended from the show earlier this week after making controversial remarks about gays and African Americans in a GQ Magazine interview.

On his Facebook page, Agema said, “The LGBT Gestapo speech police will not succeed when families like them are Biblically solid. You are in our prayers. May A&E fall into the pit they dug for you. STAND!”

WZZM-TV reports:

Robertson’s family issued a statement saying they would not do the show without him.

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