Ill. House Speaker: ‘Art of persuasion’ boosted gay marriage bill’s passage

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says he used “the art of persuasion” with less than 10 lawmakers to help pass a bill allowing same-sex marriage.

APMichael Madigan

Michael Madigan

The Chicago Democrat also says he isn’t worried that legislators who voted in favor of the measure will be targeted in upcoming elections.

He says he thinks the country “is at the point where not only is this accepted, it’s expected.”

The Illinois House approved the legislation 61-54. The Senate later Tuesday approved minor changes, sending the bill to Gov. Pat Quinn. He’s said he’ll sign it.

Bill sponsor Rep. Greg Harris says supporters should thank Madigan for pushing the bill “across the finish line.”

He and Madigan also credit proponents who spent the summer meeting with lawmakers to lobby for the measure.

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