UK transgender youth denied hormone treatment to prevent puberty

UK transgender youth denied hormone treatment to prevent puberty

LONDON — A 12-year-old transgender boy has been denied hormone blockers by his general practitioner that he hopes would halt the onslaught of puberty on his biologically female body.

Leo Waddell and his mother have launched a public campaign to fight against the physician’s decision denying him access to the hormone blockers.

ITVLeo Waddell

The teen has been living as a boy since the age of five and wants the hormones blockers to inhibit the effects of puberty until he turns 16.

He later plans to begin taking testosterone, and thereafter undergo gender reassignment surgery at age 18.

Leo’s physician said she has refused to prescribe the hormone blockers because she is unsure of the long-term effects.

“My priority is always infused with the welfare of the patient,” she said, in a statement read on UK’s “This Morning” television broadcast Tuesday.

Leo’s mother, Hayley, has openly supported her son’s desire for treatment and transition, and said that “many people don’t understand is that I feel it’s far more dangerous for Leo to not have these hormone blockers.”

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“The things he has to go though, the emotions and the torment is slowly bringing him down and down,” she said.

Leo and his mother said they will try to seek treatment from a different physician. “All we can do is … find someone who is sympathetic to trans children and is prepared to prescribe,” he said.

Back in June, Leo openly discussed his gender identity on “This Morning,” and said, “I would kill myself if I had to remain a girl.”

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