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German court to rule whether transgender man can be listed as father

German court to rule whether transgender man can be listed as father

BERLIN — A transgender man who gave birth to a baby boy in Germany is fighting to be recognized as the child’s father, rather than his mother.

pregnant-091213The Berlin based man, who wishes to remain unidentified, has female reproductive organs and gave birth to a child on April 11 after becoming pregnant with a sperm donation, reported The

The transgender man registered the birth, Spiegel Online reports, filing for a birth certificate with his name as the father.

Nevertheless, the hospital listed the man as the child’s mother, instead of father, saying it requires a mother to be listed in birth documents.

Now, a Berlin family court is due to rule whether he can be registered as the father of the baby, despite assurances by the Berlin Senate Administration for Internal Affairs that his request to be registered as the father will be honored.

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The man also requested that the gender of the child “not to be revealed under any circumstances,” although German authorities overruled this and announced the child was a boy.

In 2011, German law was changed to allow transgender people who have not undergone a full sex change to identify themselves as members of their gender identity in official documents.

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