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San Antonio councilwoman breaks silence, stands by inflammatory remarks

San Antonio councilwoman breaks silence, stands by inflammatory remarks

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Embattled San Antonio city councilwoman Elisa Chan, secretly recorded during a staff meeting describing homosexuality as “so disgusting,” “crazy” and “against nature,” said in a press conference Tuesday that “political correctness will not win the day” and stood by her inflammatory remarks.

“I know many people find the comments made in the meeting offensive,” Chan said. “But it was a confidential meeting said in the privacy of my office where none of us are supposed to worry about what we say.”

Chan said she stands by her beliefs, and that she would “not change my own values of beliefs for political gain or survival,” an apparent reference to calls for her resignation.

Chan took aim at former aide James Stevens, who recorded the meeting, and whom Chan accused of violating the confidentiality agreement he had signed. She also alleged that her remarks “were taken out of context” when reported by the San Antonio Express-News, which broke the story last week.

Prior to the news conference, Chan spoke with KSAT-TV for an exclusive interview:

Video of Chan’s press conference is here:

Chan’s remarks were recorded during a May 21 staff meeting regarding a proposal to amend San Antonio’s nondiscrimination ordinance to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Chan said she doesn’t oppose the policy because she hasn’t seen a final draft of the proposal, and said she has no plans to recuse herself from voting on the measure, which the council is expected to consider on Sept. 5.

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