Wis. church cancels ex-Packer’s speech over congrats tweet to Jason Collins

Leroy Butler Wisconsin Gazette

Former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler says he was uninvited from delivering a speech at a Wisconsin church this week because he tweeted favorably about NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay.

LeRoy Butler

Collins, a free agent who ended the 2012-13 season with the Washington Wizards, came out on April 29.

Butler responded on Twitter, “Congrats to Jason Collins.”

Now the former Green Bay safety is tweeting about a church canceling an $8,500 speaking engagement.

In a series of posts late Tuesday, Butler said:

Butler, who was with the Packers from 1990-2001 and is said to have created the “Lambeau Leap,” did not identify the church in his tweets. He played college ball at Florida State University.


Butler has since tweeted that “some parents went to the church and complained” about his tweet supporting Jason Collins. He said he has received an apology from the church, but mainly for thanking him for not releasing the church’s name.

He said his speech was to be about his life story and bullying, based on his book “The LeRoy Butler Story.”

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