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St. Paul mayor proclaims ‘Freedom to Marry Week,’ renames downtown bridge

St. Paul mayor proclaims ‘Freedom to Marry Week,’ renames downtown bridge

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Anticipating a vote in the Minnesota state Senate today that would legalize same-sex marriage, St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman on Monday morning proclaimed “Freedom to Marry Week” in St. Paul and temporarily renamed a downtown bridge the “Freedom to Marry Bridge.”

Rainbow flags representing gay pride were hoisted along the Wabasha Street Bridge in St. Paul early Monday to reflect Coleman’s proclamation, reported the Star-Tribune.

Wabasha Street Bridge Star-Tribune

“The state of Minnesota is about to write history,” Coleman said, in a statement. “Becoming the first Midwest state in the country to legislatively legalize the freedom to marry for all committed couples is an event worth celebrating.”

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The Senate was scheduled to open debate at noon on a bill that would make Minnesota the 12th state to legalize gay marriage.

The chamber’s majority Democratic leaders have said they expect it to pass. The House passed the bill last Thursday by a 75-59 vote. Assuming a repeat in the Senate, the bill would head to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who has promised to sign it as early as Tuesday.

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