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Poll: Majority of Arizona voters now support marriage equality

PHOENIX, Ariz. — After years of beating the drums against same-sex marriage, a majority of Arizonans now say they support marriage equality.

According to a new Rocky Mountain Poll, 55 percent of Arizonans say they favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry, compared to 35 percent against.

Majorities in the following groups appear to have locked arms in support of such unions: women (60 percent), Hispanics (75 percent), liberals (67 percent), moderates (64 percent), registered Independents (64 percent), Democrats (70 percent), and voters under 55 years of age (60 percent).

The poll also finds that a plurality of voters over 54 years of age also favor allowing such unions (46 percent), while 40 percent remain in that age group remain opposed.

Among Arizona Republican voters, 53 percent opposed same-sex marriage, compared to 36 percent now in favor.

Similarly, while 51 percent of political conservatives are opposed, 41 percent favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

The Rocky Mountain Poll was conducted from April 3-16 by the Behavior Research Center of Phoenix.

The complete polling results are here.

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