Jason Collins opens up to Oprah on coming out, stigmas, family acceptance

Oprah Winfrey sat down with the Jason Collins and his family for a candid discussion about the NBA’s player’s announcement this week that he is gay.

Collins, the first openly gay male athlete in one of the country’s four major sports while still active, talks with Winfrey about the stigma being attached to being gay in the African-American community, and how race “added another dimension” to his story.

Collins also discusses how his gay uncle served as a role model during his “baking” process.

In this second preview, Collins and his twin brother, Jarron, discuss their parallel lives. The twins were born eight minutes apart, they both attended Stanford University, and in 2001, they were both drafted into the NBA.

Jarron says he never suspected that the two didn’t share the same interest in women — until his brother sat him down and revealed that he was gay.

For decades, Collins struggled with his sexuality and hid his truth from those he loved most, including his parents, Portia and Paul Collins.

In this third preview, Collins’ parents open up about the day Jason told them he was gay, and the acceptance process they went through in the days after his admission.

The fill interviews air Sunday, May 5 on the OWN Network.

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