Governor pressures Ill. House to act on marriage bill before session ends

Gov. Pat Quinn (D-Ill.) Staff Reports

CHICAGO — Gov. Pat Quinn says Illinois has a chance to make history before the end of the legislative session, and is pressuring House lawmakers to act on the issue of marriage equality before the session ends next week.

Gov. Pat Quinn (D-Ill.)

The Chicago Democrat said Monday that he wants lawmakers to approve a proposal on the table that would make Illinois the 13th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

The plan cleared the Senate in February and awaits a House vote, which is expected to be close.

Quinn contends that there are enough votes to pass the bill, but the primary sponsor in the House, Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago), told the Chicago Tribune earlier this month that he wasn’t certain when he expects to call the legislation for a vote.

Quinn has pledged to sign the bill if approved in the House.

Lawmakers are expected to adjourn on May 31.

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