DC Comics’ ‘Batwoman’ proposes to her secret girlfriend in latest issue

DC Comics’ ‘Batwoman’ proposes to her secret girlfriend in latest issue

LONDON — The British comic blog and critique site, reported Wednesday that the latest DC Comics issue of “Batwoman” ends with the heroine proposing to her girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer.

“In Batwoman #17, published today, Kathy Kane, the Batwoman, DC’s leading lesbian lady asks Maggie Sawyer, Captain Sawyer, her secret girlfriend to … be her wife,” wrote Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston.

“No idea how well that’s going to go down. And you have to read the build up to this – and the rather dangerous epilogue. There’s no guarantee we’re going to hear wedding bells. But I think that’s a story. I’ve been talking about how much I love this comic for some time, I think it’s DC’s best,” he wrote.

Johnston added, that given the recent controvery suppounding DC Comics’ hiring of Orson Scott Card, an anti-gay activist and board member of the National Organization for Marriage, comic book fans “could probably do with some gay-friendly alternative headlines.”

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