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California Synagogue takes action against Boy Scouts anti-gay policy

California Synagogue takes action against Boy Scouts anti-gay policy

LAFAYETTE, Calif. — A California Synagogue has become the latest group to reject the Boy Scouts of America’s anti-gay policies.

The board of directors at Temple Isaiah, in Lafayette, Calif., voted unanimously this week to to recommend that the rabbinical staff and synagogue members write letters stating their opposition to the policy, along with withdrawing financial support and refusing to participate in scouting events.

“The Board of Directors of Temple Isaiah voted unanimously Tuesday night to express its opposition to the Boy Scouts of America’s decision to disqualify participants because of sexual orientation,” according to a statement on the temple’s website.

The Board policy calls for a letter writing campaign to the local and national BSA councils, as well as encouraging Temple members and other community organizations to join in the effort to enact change through letters, financial pressure, postponing participation and supporting movements such as Scouts for Equality.

The board said it would also ask staff and others to decline making write Eagle Scout recommendations, or allow religious awards for the BSA until the policy is changed.

“Though we cannot change the Scouts’ national policy, we can work hard within and outside Temple Isaiah’s walls to create an awareness of the damaging consequences of such policies on all our youth and on our communities,” Rabbi Roberto Graetz said in a statement.

In July 2012 the Boy Scouts of America announced it would retain its ban on gay members, volunteers and staff.

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