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Female ‘Christian’ attorney charged with sexual conduct with teenage girl

Female ‘Christian’ attorney charged with sexual conduct with teenage girl

A New Hampshire attorney associated with an anti-gay group of “Christian” lawyers, is facing federal charges that she took a teenage girl to Canada and convinced her to engage in sexual activity and to let it be filmed.

Lisa Biron
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Lisa Biron, 43, was arrested by FBI agents on Nov. 16 and charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including transporting a child for illegal sexual conduct, reported the Concord Monitor.

She was also charged with manufacturing and possessing child pornography.

Biron is associated with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF, formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund), a conservative Christian group of lawyers who oppose same-sex marriage and civil unions, and adoption by same-sex couples.

Prosecutor Helen Fitzgibbon called for Biron to be held without bond, claiming that Biron had subjected other juveniles to sexual activity and drug use. Witnesses have testified to seeing Biron in possession of ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine, reported the Monitor.

The federal charges against Biron are scheduled for trial in January. If convicted, she faces 10 years to life in prison on the transportation charge and 15 years to life in prison on each of the exploitation of children charges.

Biron recently served on the board of directors at Mount Zion Christian Schools in Manchester, according to the school’s headmaster.

In Concord, Biron worked with the ADF in defending a Pentecostal Church in a tax dispute with the city.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is the same group who, on Monday, sent a memorandum to marriage officials in Maryland, Maine and Washington state, advising them they “do not have to violate their faith or conscience by personally issuing licenses to applicants who are of the same sex.”

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