Gay couple attacked, beaten on Asheville street after called gay slurs

Gay couple attacked, beaten on Asheville street after called gay slurs

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A gay couple from Charlotte, N.C. said they were attacked and beaten on the street during a recent visit to Asheville, and claim they were attacked because they’re gay.

Mark Little (via: WBTV)

Mark Little and Dustin Martin said they like to visit Asheville in part because of the city’s gay-friendly reputation, but the Sept. 23 attack has left them shaken.

The couple said they were walking along a street in the early morning hours of Sept. 23 when a car pulled up beside them, and two women inside began shouting gay slurs, reported the Asheville Citizen-Times.

“Dustin had enough of the name calling and told them to stop,” Little said. “That’s when the back door opened and a black guy got out and hit him in the chest four times.”

“I screamed for him to stop, and he hit me in the face on the left side, and blood went everywhere. I was lying on the concrete.”

The assailant reportedly got back into his vehicle and it quickly drove off.

Watch a report from WBTV-TV:

Sgt. Dave Romick said the case was assigned to two detectives, but no arrests have been made and the investigation continues, he said.

Little said he and his partner are concerned police aren’t taking the crime seriously.

North Carolina’s hate crimes law does not cover sexual orientation.

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