True LGBT Story: Lisa Morris, a bisexual dilemma — ‘I’m from Portland, Maine’

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Lisa Morris, who identifies as bisexual, married a man when she was 29.

“We went to City Hall and got married. On a Tuesday morning at 10. I was in cutoffs and a tshirt, I think he was, too. I only had one girlfriend before that, before we got married, so I was new at being a queer person,” she said.

Lisa Morris

Months into the marriage, Lisa’s husband grew worried about her bisexuality and feared that she would leave him for a woman.

“He couldn’t handle it. After we got married he started getting really fearful and jealous and worried and kind of focused on that I would leave him for a woman. I was like, ‘I’m bisexual. I could leave you for a man, I could leave you for a woman. If I was straight, I could leave you for a man. I could leave you, is the issue. Not who I could leave you for.’

“But it became an issue for him. I think it undermined his confidence somehow that I was queer. Of course, I just left him. Not for a man or a woman. We broke up.”


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