The freedom to love those who consent to love us is a universal right

The freedom to love those who consent to love us is a universal right

A Thracian man by the name of Spartacus led slaves in revolt against the tyranny of Rome in 73 B.C. without help or sign from the heavens above.

Spartacus made no distinction regarding the color of his fellow freedom fighter’s skin, or their sexual orientation. For him, they were all people suffering in captivity; in search of freedom.

This is far different from the Biblically infected anti-gay Americans of today.

For example, we find that black people, who descended from slaves themselves, are claiming some kind of difference between the human rights of black Americans and those of LGBTQ people. In truth, black Americans like so many people are still trapped in the white man’s version and vision of reinterpreted Christianity.

Similarly, LGBTQ people are still condemned by those Christians who would prefer to keep them captive in hidden closets. They would stone them to death if they could work out who amongst them had the right to cast the first stone.

Similarly, it could be assumed that today’s Christians would be sympathetic to the unjust degradation of LGBTQ people, and people of color, given their own history of persecution in times past. Or, given their Christian tenet of “Love thy neighbor as yourself,” perhaps this is their problem… they do not love themselves.

One is astounded that they so vehemently deny equality to yet another group of humans in exactly the same way and with the same rhetoric that they stalled the acceptance of equality for black Americans. These people are more like the Romans who put down the Spartacus slave rebellion than they are like Christians.

There is no common bond in minority groups to fight this form of ideological slavery, despite the LGBTQ people having fought for the emancipation of the black Americans. The religious condemnation of sex itself is inherent in these Christians’ dogma.

Emergence from the oppression of authority has always been the dream of those who dream of liberty. How many millions of people throughout history have lived and died at the hands of tyrants who believed they had a divine right to enslave the minds and bodies of their fellow humans?

Nowhere has this been more surreptitious or sanctimoniously hidden than in the condemnation of human sexuality by the cults derived from the Abrahamic religions.

To stand against the tyranny of divine law is considered the only thing worse than enjoying the freedom of sexual expression. This interpretation of the Christian doctrine is an affront not only to basic human rights and freedoms, but also to all those who carry the message of Christian Love in their hearts without seeking to enslave others.

Human love is denied and defiled by those who practice such misconstrued doctrine as being the will of their god. They have, utterly and vilely, misinterpreted Christ’s message of love for the sake of greed, and power over others by insisting upon obedience to their beliefs.

That is nothing more than slavery in Christ’s name. No wonder people rebel against such sanctimony.

Such rage cannot be justified if it becomes physically violent.

It is one thing to draw swords against the Romans in 73 BC to secure one’s freedom, and another altogether to enter the citadel of Christian intolerance with guns a-blazing.

Yet, there is a sneaking suspicion, that is almost certainly, hopefully, merely imaginative; that the recent shooter at the Family Research Citadel was a naïve puppet manipulated, by persons unknown. This manipulation, if true, amounts to a conspiracy to defeat the re-election of a President who is personally in favor of marriage equality.

Such a devious plan, in effect, would be assassination by proxy without actually killing anyone. In the same way, that some regard Lee Harvey Oswald, the shooter would have been a patsy setup to take the fall for the ‘assassination’ attempt. The shooter would be maligned as mentally unstable, and the LGBTQ people would be held responsible for his attack on christian ‘family’ values.

This conspiracy theory is not presented seriously, but the suggestion is itself sufficient to see how all the anti-gay diatribe, which emanates from the perverted conjectures of these so-called ‘Family’ organizations, could so easily trigger an incident as we recently experienced.

From their own mouths, they inspire others to dismiss love in favor of fear and loathing. Their insanity is hopefully encouraging atheism.

Whatever one’s religion, it is but a thought, a belief, and should never be imposed on anyone else. That’s why we have separation of church and state. Believe what you want, but don’t establish what you believe as a means to enslave others to your belief. To do so is to impinge on the human rights of others to live in freedom.

The freedom to love those who consent to love us and express that love sexually, is not a belief, it is a universal right innate to our human condition that we must protect with all the rage against injustice that we can muster.

Even if the religious Reich tries to manipulate us into obedient servitude or into taking up arms to defend our right to love, then because our aim, our only agenda, is to liberate sexuality in honor of love, such rage must only ever be expressed with non-violence.

It might well be stated that if those men on the religious Right, spread lies with other men, then such falsehoods are indeed an abomination and harmful to not just family life, but to the goodness of life itself.

Don’t go back gently into that closet,
Our age should learn to love our being gay,
Rage, rage against the lying of the Right.

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