LGBT: The fierce urgency of NOW

Believe it or not in just 31 days people begin early voting in Iowa and for Ohio it is 35 days. I want you to carefully consider that again, two of the most important battlegrounds start their voting in 35 days or less.

Time is running out, especially for the LGBT community, to mobilize its resources.

Everything we value is at stake in this election — the Supreme Court, marriage equality, adoption rights, freedom to serve, our environment and caring for others.

No election in all my years of voting (since 1966), will determine more the outcome of our epic struggle for full equality in America.

Think you can stand by and be pure of mind and soul and not participate? Think we can survive a Republican Congress, a right-wing Supreme Court and a Romney/Ryan Administration?

You better think again. It is not enough just to vote for Obama/Biden but we must turn out our vote.

Reflect on the the results of last Friday’s CNN Poll to have all the proof you need to get busy now. When all voters were polled, President Obama defeats good ole Mitt by 52% to 43%. That is a nine point huge victory.

However, when just those ‘likely to vote’ were polled, the election becomes a toss-up with 49% to 47%.

Every damn voter we get to the poll from our community is going to count. Every single person we can get to the polls will make a difference.

No community, none, loses more than the LGBT community if the right-wing Tea Party Republicans become the dominant force in our American politics.

LGBT Americans have died, been beaten and have paid terrible prices in order for us to get this close to full equality. What a shame if we honor their memory by not completing this battle.

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