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GOP expected to appoint gay man to Colorado Senate race

GOP expected to appoint gay man to Colorado Senate race

DENVER — A Colorado Republican vacancy committee is scheduled Saturday to interview — and is expected to appoint — a Denver gay man in order to fill an empty position on the November ballot.

Michael Carr

Multiple GOP sources have confirmed that Michael Carr is the only candidate being considered to fill the Senate District 31 vacancy after Brandon Kelley ended his campaign earlier this summer.

If Carr is selected he’ll go head-to-head with gay Denver Democrat state Sen. Pat Steadman.

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The senate district stretches from central Denver into Glendale, the Denver Tech Center and parts of Aurora. While the map was dramatically redrawn during the redistricting process that takes place every 10 years, it is still considered a safe seat for the Democratic Party.

Democrats make up 48 percent of registered voters, compared to the 30 percent that are registered Republicans. Another 20 percent of registered voters are unaffiliated.

“This is not a district that is considered Republican friendly,” said Alexander Hornaday, an attorney consulting Carr on election law and finances. “But even if Michael doesn’t win, I’m excited to show my fellow Republicans that you can be a good Republican, a loyal Republican and a gay Republican.”

Denver GOP Chairwoman Wendy Warner said she isn’t concerned with Carr’s sexual orientation.

“Mr. Carr’s sexual orientation is not our focus,” she said. “Our focus needs to be on economic issues. Some big decisions have to be made next year and we need strong, prudent and fiscal conservatives in the state legislature.”

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