Chris Colfer: ‘I feel like you’ve seen me naked in a way’

Chris Colfer: ‘I feel like you’ve seen me naked in a way’

Look everywhere these days and Chris Colfer is probably there.

His new children’s book, “The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell,” was just released in book stores and the film he wrote, produced and stars in, “Struck By Lightning,” was the closing film of Outfest in Los Angeles. And, of course, there’s Glee, which is what brought Colfer out Monday night for the Fox Summer All-Star Party at SoHo House in West Hollywood.

Chris Colfer

AfterElton grabbed some time with Colfer to chat about the myriad of projects he’s working on and, with filming of the new season of Glee just getting started, whether he thinks Kurt will make it to New York City and what’s in store for Kurt and Blaine.

AfterElton: Congratulations on your book!

Chris Colfer: Thank you so much!

AE: You were making the rounds recently on the talk show circuit. How is it different for you talking about a book instead of Glee?

CC: It’s insane! I’ve never experienced going places and people coming to see just me! I’m used to having the [Glee] cast with me. It’s been terrific and at these book signings I expect everyone to ask me about Glee and what’s happening and everyone is just wanting to know about the book and the next book. It’s been wonderful.

AE: Is the next book already written?

CC: It will come out next year. It’s not written yet but I’m working on it but the sequel will be out next year.

AE: How does working on a book like that change you as an actor? Do you look at things differently?

CC: It’s really two different worlds completely. I wish I could say that one benefits the other but I’m not sure how it does. [laughs] Maybe it’s anti-beneficial. Who knows? We’ll see.

Chris at a recent book reading of The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell.

AE: Where would you like to see things go with Glee in terms of Blaine?

CC: I don’t know! I’ve heard that they might break up or they might stay together. I’ve heard both. I don’t know. I’m on board for what makes Kurt happy and what makes the teenage girls on the Internet happy because those angry Tweets are something else. But we’ll see how he gets to New York because I think he’s very set on New York and he’s going to get there somehow.

AE: Do you think it would be good for your story [with ‘Klaine’] to break up just to have that to work through?

CC: Yeah, I think breaking up is definitely an option. If they end up together further down the line, sure, why not? I think Darren and I both want to do something fun, a little dramatic and something we can sink our teeth into as actors.

AE: You’re aware that you and Darren were at the top of our Hot 100 list, right?

CC: [grins] I’m very aware. People made us aware.

AE: When you see something like that, what do you think, especially since it’s 100% reader-voted?

CC: I think did I forget to bribe people? I think I owe people money.

AE: What else is on your bucket list?

CC: My bucket list is consisting of everything I’m doing now and I hope I can keep doing everything I’m doing now. I’ve got the next book coming out and I have a movie coming out in December. A lot of stuff right now so I hope I get to keep doing stuff.

Chris Colfer and Rebel Wilson in a scene from Struck by Lightning.

AE: How was Outfest and the screening of Struck By Lightning the other night?

CC: It was great. It was the best audience we have seen the movie with.

AE: How does it feel now that people are seeing the movie?
CC: It’s crazy. It’s weird. It’s the same thing with people who have read the book. I feel like that you’ve seen me naked in a way.

AE: With everything going on, do you have any time these days for a personal life?

CC: Not really. No. I try here and there but nothing to write home about.

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