Surrendering our freedoms

We are in the midst of a slow motion variation of an assassination. You may well be fooled into thinking that it is aimed at stopping the re-election of the President, but it is actually aimed directly at the hearts and minds of “we, the people.”

Would-be despots and tyrants, masquerading as bureaucrats under the guise of think tanks, have been busily organizing the dishevelment of society in order to maintain and increase the profits of the privileged, their positions of power, and the power of those positions.

Never again shall we, the people, be permitted to be in a position of challenging the conservative, steadfast resolve of institutionalizing corporate tyranny.

Which corporations? It matters not; the basis of control by power over others, for the sake of those who hold power or seek it, is common wherever authority is autonomous, irresponsible, and unchecked.

Society, faced with innumerable committees and sub committees, all with authority, even if somewhat limited on occasion, suffers from their hiring of “hit men,” contracted to curtail, by any means except the most blatantly obvious, the effectiveness of those who seek to limit those self-serving committees.

Innuendo, subterfuge, and outright lies are weapons of choice, at least until unassailable positions are established.

Those power positions can only be achieved by ruthlessly “cleansing” the earth’s overpopulation, and suggesting one minority group after another for “removal,” has been proven historically viable. The relatively minor distraction caused by any one of those minorities screaming “Caution” is only a momentary annoyance.

Reminiscent of ancient raids against the enemy, in which plunder, rape, death, and slavery were the norm, the constitutional attacks against our rights are aimed to remove not only our ability to be free but to redefine the very concept of freedom itself.

Blind belief is pitted against freedom to believe; and few people can even sense that their most basic right is being targeted.

The targeting weapons are not aimed at any “head of state,” nor even their re-election; they are surreptitiously and almost imperceptibly being directed towards their final target… the heart of human freedom… the freedom to think, to live and to love.

People’s recognition of universal freedom has proven too much for the overlords to bear. Their reaction to the struggle for the freedom of equality is no longer simple slavery, but annihilation — the complete destruction of the very understanding of freedom.

It is the liberty of “We, the people” which is being targeted, by deceptive and insidious destruction of our inalienable right to live as loving human beings.

Our hopes and dreams are being misrepresented as being nightmares that we are pressured to reject, lest we suffer in eternal damnation. All our natural human inclinations to live and love are being ghetto-ized. All the pernicious propaganda is aimed at seducing us into supporting our own suicide.

Mankind’s noblest ideals are lost if they are limited to a select few people, with all others being considered “expendable” for the sake of the sole survival of those power hungry monsters who feel they deserve to have anything and everything.

Worse, they will not even understand that with their “victory” they will have annihilated the very essence of our humanity, the ability to empathize with the suffering of others; love. They will not comprehend what they have lost, never having had the ability to recognize or appreciate what is worthwhile.

These are criminal cabals cannibalizing our cultures for their own comfort, in the arms of corporate plutocracy.

A marriage of religion with the political “right” is in their view a match made in their Heaven, but it is ushering in our Hell. The religious right has contracted the infiltration of our political system.

Every vote for the right wing, as it exists today, is another bullet aimed straight at our individual freedom. Each bullet is unnamed, because we are aiming them at ourselves, as they head towards rupturing our cherished existence. Every person who expects liberty to advance cannot in good conscience sit idly by to watch the demise of the ‘left’.

The right wing’s malicious aim is pretty much centered on the heart of the left wing.

If their bullets succeed, they will replace the damaged heart that has love and caring of people at its core, with a new heart cloned in the corporate laboratories of the sanctimonious authoritarian tyrants who proclaim freedom whilst masquerading their hatred as their “love.”

Should the Left become subordinate to the Right, with all its current zealous and bigoted aims of the ultimate control, “We, the people” will suffer immeasurably. We won’t just see the removal of a political entity, but a cold blooded, mindless, and heartless removal of our individual right to live our own lives, without merely being a means to another person’s ends.

The Left is the target for the assassins of the Right, and they take no prisoners — they will just destroy our freedom, our democracy, and our humanity.

No-one will have to fire any bullets, simply not voting is the surrendering of our freedoms.

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